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Why Pro Ad Exchange?

Pro Ad Exchange has many options for your advertising needs. We have banner ads in a few sizes which we display all over this site and 5 others. We have text ads that display on hundreds of our members viral ad pages as well as on our network of websites which are all geared towards advertising, affiliate marketing and networking. Infact, you could not ask for more highly targeted traffic for your own affiliate links, websites , blogs or offers.

Do you like using email advertising, but do not like receiving too many emails? PAE is the perfect place for you to advertise as we are not a credit mailer and members can even choose not to receive any emails at all. We offer a Solo Email to our entire membership as an advertising option and the admin sends out one update email per week unless another is required, thats it. You will never be slammed with spam or careless advertising at

Just check out all the different types of ads we provide and the different systems you can use to get the word out about your websites or affiliate offers.

Another great thing about pro ad exchange is that you can earn so many credits for your advertising efforts. We have unique options that you can not find easily at other websites online such as earning credits by showing ads on your own website. We provide 2 credits for each 24hr unique view on the text ad box.

Use the tools we provide to help you build your business or bring it to the next level. Upgrade for serious benefits that will have you earning higher commissions and credits to the point that you will never have to click on another ad here at PAE and if you so choose you will earn massive credits when you do click an ad. So .... look below you will, waste more time you will not...

  • Our Forms Of Advertising
    • 468x60 Banner Ads (in rotation on 5 network sites)
    • 125x125 Banner Ads (in rotation on 5 network sites)
    • Lifetime Unlimited Banner Ads
    • Solo Email To Contact Email Of Entire Membership
    • Text Ads (in rotation on 5 network sites)
    • HTML Login Ads
    • Full Page Surf Ads
    • Full Page Login Ad (in rotation on 5 network sites)
    • Daily Bonus Ads(full 24hr no rotation)
    • Create Free Ad Cards w/ color backgrounds & images (No credits required - post um daily - unlimited and last 7 days)
  • Free Weekly Promo Codes/Prizes also provide more credits and ads(click 20 ads for weekly promo code)
  • Members Customizable Viral Ad Pages
    • Change colors
    • Area for blurb - html and links/images allowed (backlinks)
    • Has signup form on page (higher conversions)
    • Shows members ads + members solos's and text ads + 15 last ad cards with less than 25 clicks.
  • Public viewing/surf of members viral ad pages(team promotion produces free credits for members to purchase advertising(co-op))
  • Earn Extra Credits without clicking
    • Promote your viral ad page(1 credit unique - no credit non unique)
    • Promote a text box on your blog or website(2 credits unique - 1 non unique)
    • Promote your personalized splash page(2 credits unique - 1 non unique)
  • Earn credits and drawing entries by:
    • Clicking Banners Ads
    • Clicking Text Ads
    • Reading/Viewing Solo Ads
    • Surfing Members Full Page Ads
    • Clicking The Daily Bonus
    • Login and view login ad
  • Earn Activity Tokens(AT) by completing tasks such as:
    • Daily login to Pro Ad Exchange for 5 AT
    • Click the daily bonus ad for 2 AT
    • Click banner and text ads throughout PAE for 1 AT
    • Read solo emails on site or off for 3 AT
  • Viral Text Ad System
    • Post your text ad to the Top Spot on 508 Viral Ad Pages
  • Our Team Rotator
    • All membership levels have access to the team rotator
    • Members earn credits for promoting the team rotator
    • Get FREE Viral Traffic just from being a's a no cost NO BRAINER!!

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Why Pro Ad Exchange?

Pro Ad Exchange is not a multi-level marketing scheme or a get-rich-quick program, we are purely an advertising platform. We don't require you to have a website or sell any product to use our service. We do not require you to refer anyone to our site to use our service. You won't get rich by using our internet advertising program. This website uses cookies. Being a member and continued use of this website indicates that you accept our cookies policy. Thank you, we very much appreciate your support and being a member on our site!

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